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Past vehicles of Dublin Fire Brigade form the core of our excellent collection. These appliances carry some of the most celebrated names in fire fighting. This section includes 1883 (manual) and 1889 (steam) pumps, and our oldest motor vehicle, a 1921 pump now under restoration. There are also three ambulances.

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A Merry fire-fighter
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An 1883 Merryweather fire appliance is one of those items which sometimes come ‘almost miraculously’ into the Museum’s collection. This particular horsedrawn vehicle lay neglected for decades before being disentombed from its dark hiding place in 1996.Today, it is the oldest fire appliance in the Museum’s collection.
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Backup Dennis the firefighting survivor
Fire appliance builder Dennis is the only survivor of the big three manufacturers who dominated that segment of the specialised vehicle market earlier in the century. The company, which has been supplying Irish brigades from as far back as 1930, started life in the 1890s — as bicycle makers.
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The Land Rover – a myriad of faces
Introduced in 1948 as an alternative to the light tractor, the Land Rover has been put to a myriad of uses over the years — not least of these was its role of fire tender.
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